Pest Management Solutions

Pest Management Solutions at your finger tip:
Continuing to provide you with the utmost in professional, safe and comprehensive services, BioCycle (HK) Ltd. your trusted pest management partner now launches a "Solution Finder" programme. This simple and easy way will guide you through choosing the perfect package to solve your pest management problem.


Biocycle – Your reliable pest control company in Hong Kong BioCycle offers a range of effective, safe and eco-friendly pest control services to domestic and corporate clients across the city. Our services include household pests, rodent, snake, and termite control and prevention, all of which are provided to the highest industry standards. The BioCycle team adheres to an integrated pest management approach and uses low impact biocides to maintain our ethical standards, care for the environment, and ensure the safety of your pets. Acquiring ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 140001 Environment Management certifications demonstrate our company’s commitment to maintaining a high quality standards and high environmental consciousness in the industry. Although we believe we deliver an impressive service, we are fully committed to becoming the best pest management company we can be, using only safe pesticides. Hong Kong clients rely on us to provide them with excellent services and we always welcome your feedback – just contact us now to let us know what you think. So whether you need rodent control or wasp nest removal– trust us for a prompt, thorough and safe solution. For more information or to book an appointment, please don’t hesitate to call us on (852) 3575 2575 today!
We offer effective pest inspection and termination If you need to rid your home or office of nasty pests, all you need is BioCycle. We offer our clients safe cockroach termination, rodent, mosquito and snake control. Using only safe pesticides, you can be sure that we will effectively remove pests from your premises, without harming your pets or the environment. All you need to do is to ensure any cold-blooded pets are removed and any fish tanks are covered up, the rest is up to us. If you are not sure which pest control method is right for your needs, then we have the ideal solution for you. BioCycle puts real pest management solutions right here at your fingertips with our newly launched “Solution Finder” program. Whether you require mosquito control, flea treatment, termite prevention, or cockroach control for your home or business – this simple and user-friendly program guides you through selecting the right package for your needs. All our treatments are carried out in the safest, most professional manner possible, to ensure we offer all of our clients an efficient and effective solution that gives them peace of mind. Please see below to choose your package today! If you have any further queries, please contact us now.