Sanitizing Services

  • A completely natural organic non-toxic product (all ingredients classified as Generally Regarded As Safe GRAS by the EPA in the US)
  • Acts in a similar manner to an anitbiotic, even thought it is not one.
  • Is compatible with antibiotics.
  • Germicible with a powerful broad spectrum, effective against bacteria, virus and fungi.
  • Does not irritate skin, eyes or mucous membraneous of either humans or animals.
  • Long residual effects even in the presence of extraneous organis matter.
  • Stable at pH levels from 2 to 12 and temperatures up to 130C.
  • Non-corrosive. Does not attach metal and does not affect other materials.
  • Non-volatile
  • "Selective". It works only against pathogenic micro-organisms.
  • Odourless
  • BioKill Sanitizer is a range of natural, safe, environmental friendly (BioKill Sanitizer is 100% biodegradable) and organic disinfectants with strong residual effects.
  • BioKill Sanitizer kills viruses and bacteria and prevents the transmission of pathogens (virus and bacteria) among poultry.
  • BioKill Sanitizer is not a poison, unlike other traditional biocides/disinfectants.
  • BioKill Sanitizer uses the presence of Yucca Schidgera* to kill bacteria by triggering a membrane change. This mechanism is responsible for both killing bacteria and subsequently curtailing its growth.
  • BioKill Sanitizer is an AGRI-SAFE product. When poultry sheds are sanitized with.
  • BioKill Sanitizer, the spraying/fogging process will not harm the poultry in any way.
The extract contains a mixture of natural ingredients that, when combined, produce an extremely powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-mold and anti-fungus agent.

The extract consits of Vitamin E, Bioflavanoids, Yucca Schidigra, Natural Sugars, (Fructose, Dextrose, Mannose, Maltose, Lactose) and miscellaneous organic acids, (L-Ascorbic acid, P-Coumaric acid, Caffeic, Citric acid).

This Powerful, anti-bacterial / viricidal agent is mixed with other food grade, non-toxic products to produce BioKill Sanitizer.
BioKill Sanitizer was cleared for importation to Hong Kong by the Department of Health in 1997.

BioKill Sanitizer has been tested and approved by the Ministry of Agriculture in the UK against Newcastle disease and Avian influenza. (Virus test organized by Veterinary Laboratories Agency, a MAFF (UK) approved laboratory. In 1994, BioKill Sanitizer was used as one of the disinfectants during their disastrous outbreak of Avian influenza.

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What products do we use for our sanitizing services? At BioCycle, we use BioKill Sanitizer: a non-rinse biocidal product that eliminates bacteria, mould and viruses whilst still being safe, organic, and hypoallergenic. It contains natural bactericides, viricides and fungicides, and has long-lasting sanitizing characteristics. Unlike poisons such as chlorine, this sanitation product does not kill through toxicity – rather, it causes membrane degeneration in pathogens, killing the cell. Features There are several reasons we use BioKill for our sanitizing services: - A completely natural, organic and non-toxic product – all ingredients have been classified by the US EPA as ‘Generally Regarded As Safe’ (GRAS) - Acts in a similar manner to, and is compatible with, antibiotics – even though it isn’t one - Germicide*** with a powerful broad spectrum, effective against fungi, viruses and bacteria • Does not cause irritation to the skin, eyes or mucous membranes of animals or humans • Long-lasting residual effects, even with extraneous organic matter present • Stable at pH levels from 2–12, and at temperatures of up to 130 degrees Celsius • Non-volatile • As a non-corrosive sanitation product, it won’t attack metal or affect other materials • Odourless • It is ‘selective’, so only works against pathogenic mico-organisms. The extract contains a number of natural ingredients which combine to produce a very powerful sanitation agent against viruses, mold, fungus, and bacteria. These ingredients include Vitamin E, Yucca Schidigra, Bioflavanoids, natural sugars (dextrose, mannose, lactose, fructose, maltose), as well as miscellaneous organic acids (P-Coumaric acid, Caffeic, Citric acid, and L-Absorbic acid). The resulting agent is mixed with other non-toxic, food-grade products to produce the BioKill Sanitizer we use in our sanitizing services. Product characteristics: • A safe, natural and eco-friendly and organic disinfectant with powerful residual effects. • An 100% biodegradable sanitation product • Kills viruses and bacteria and prevents pathogen (bacteria and virus) transmission among poultry. • Not a poison, unlike many traditional disinfectants/biocides. • Uses the presence of Yucca Schidgera* to trigger membrane changes, kill the bacteria and curtail its growth. • AGRI-SAFE product. • The spraying/fogging process does not harm poultry. Government approval and testing BioKill Sanitizer was cleared for importation to Hong Kong by the Department of Health in 1997. It was also tested and approved by the UK Ministry of Agriculture against Avian influenza and Newcastle Disease.* It was one of the disinfectants used in the devastating Avian influenza outbreak of 1994. *Virus test organized by Veterinary Laboratories Agency, a laboratory approved by the MAFF (UK). For more information on BioCycle’s sanitizing services, please contact us.