Pests Always Appear In The Kitchen?

1. Sink

Sink is high moisture area and mold will grow along the silicon sealant where is between the gap of sink and the cabinet. Furthermore, if the silicon sealant in the gaps between cabinet and wall is old and off, it will provide a hiding habitat for crawling insects, such as cockroach.


Heat will be generated by the refrigerator, which will provide a warm habitat for insect pests. Pest could usually be found inside gaskets of the doors or near the Refrigerator.

3.Dried Food

Weevil is the most common insect can be found in dried food, such as rice or bean, when they have ideal temperature and humidity.

4.Exhaust Fan

The exhaust fan provides direct access for insect pest from outside to our home when the back covers are broken and the fan is off. In addition, if without regular cleaning, the grease filth could be another food source of pests.

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