Wood Testing Service

Termites may love to eat your chosen timber materials

Renovation is one of the main investment costs to home owners / occupants. The interior design and materials used of course are the main consideration. In order to provide a visible idea on how termites can damage your chosen timber materials before you make the decision, we can perform a wood testing service by placing it in one of our live termite colony tanks. To carry out this test we will charge $2,000.00 dollars ONLY per sample for 4 weeks test in a live termite colony.

Pictures and condition report before and after test, which includes the dimension*, weight, moisture level and the brief condition of the sample will be available within 5 weeks after receipt of sample at cost of HK$2,000.00 (per sample per test). *maximum size of sample: 14 X 10 X 3 cm (if the sample supplied is larger then  BioCycle will take a cutting for testing)

Before the test

After the test

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