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Should there any preventive actions before the treatment?

Our Safe and Ecological Pest Control Service which even allows you to… 


Before the treatment, no preventive actions are necessary except covering up the fish tank and removing your lovely tortoise and other reptiles. After the treatment, you are no need to clean up the kitchen essentials.

BioCycle (Hong Kong) Ltd., an ecological service provider, aims at delivering services in a safe and effective way. With 30 years of professional know how and experience.

BioCycle® puts its focus on the breeding cycle of insects and delivers a series of strategic 3D treatments in order to eradicate insects and pests effectively and permanently. With the BioCycle® client satisfaction guarantee, you will enjoy a worry-free control of pest at your premises.

We use safe insecticides as a vital element during treatment.

Cutting off the breeding cycle

BioCycle® Ecological Pest Control Service offers competent, personalized Pest Control solutions. It is applying established application methods (through scientific data) which aim at breaking the breeding cycles through initial applications conducted in shorted intervals (to eradicate nymphs) in the early stage and followed up by regular maintenance sprays.

 (BioKill® is toxic to cold-blooded animals, i.e. insects, fish, reptiles, snakes etc.)

 Our well-trained and experienced technicians provide our customers professional and practical solutions to pest control and pest prevention.

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