Social Responsibilities

Our Volunteer Team

We have involved in different areas to achieve the Social Responsibilities for a long time. To enhance our SR, we decide to set up our own Volunteer Team on the beginning of 2011. It helps us more focuses on the environment, disadvantaged group and the people in needed.

The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong - Run Brave Charitable Competition - 2019

Free treatment for Lok Sin Tong Primary School - 2019

SBHK Charity Run Volunteer 2018

"From Darkness to Sunrise" City Orienteering Competition 2017

Lok Sin Tong Luna New Year Elderly Visit 2015

Lok Sin Tong Luna New Year Elderly Visit 2015 is organized by The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society.
BioCycle® Volunteer Team visited and sent our best wishes to elderly people who are single household or living with spouse and underprivileged families.

Three-legged Charity Walk (HK Christian Action)

Lok Sin Tong Charity Walk 2013

World Vision Famine 30

HK Sheng Kung Hui (The Providence Garden for Rehab)

“Precious Moments” Photo-taking Event 2011

“Precious Moments” Photo-taking Event was one of the activities under the Life-and-Death education workshops. We strongly believe that life is invaluable and needs to be cherished to the fullest. The aim was to take photographic records of the recipients’ and their families’ good memories, and to enhance their appreciation of the beauty of being alive at the moment through three themes titled “Love and Harmony”, “Pleasance”, and “Vitality”.

Each one in our volunteer team got a better appreciation of their own lives as well as a better understanding of the recipients through their participation in this event

Lok Sin Tong (Leung Kau Kui Hostel for the Elderly)

“Mid-Autumn Festival” Elderly Home visit 2011

We all had a wonderful moment on that day. We have done a lot of preparations before the event, for example gifts purchasing, materials collecting for several games , arranging meetings, etc. We all paid our fully effort and felt absolutely meaningful.

Each one of our volunteer team understood that there are many people who need our help. It’s not only about sharing with substances, but also our Care and Love. Our motive to keep doing volunteer tasks is enhanced by every Smile from the elderly or whoever needed our care.

No Air Con Night 2022 by Green Sense

No Air Con Night is an annual energy saving event organized by Green Sense which aims to promote green practices and encourage people to Bear responsibility as a member of the earth village.

More than 274 companies and organizations pledged to join “No Air Con Night 2022” with BioCycle (Hong Kong) Limited as one of them. BioCycle has been committed to promoting environmentally friendly messages to the market over the past 30 years while applying our eco-friendly pest management products and technologies. As part of our energy saving policy, we enforce switching off vehicle engines when the vehicle is idle and in service. In addition, during our daily office operations we also maintain air conditioning at 25°C, turn off electric appliances when not needed and reduce paper usage through use of double-sided printing for example.


Joining the “No Air Con Night” may be just a little step towards environmental development but it could be your first eco-action to support the global society. We look forward to inviting our customers to participle in “No Air Con Night 2023”, then more and more people can value the fresh air and an air-con-free outdoor environment and enjoy the natural breeze.

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