Rodent Management

Rodent Pests Problem In Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s climate, narrow and overcrowding environment are ideal of certain species of rodents for living and reproduction, such as:

  1. House Mouse
  2. Norway Rat
  3. Roof Rat

Rodents are social animals living in family groups or colonies, eat a variety of food and are generally nocturnal. They have good senses of smell, touch and hearing. They are good at climbing, swimming and have the ability to jump up high. A rodent can locate itself and direct movement by its strong memory. Rodents are a very high reproduction rate animal. Female rodents can produce around 50 young rodents every year. Once they find a suitable place to live, they have chance to hide and multiply.

Rodents can squeeze through very small openings to gain entry, They gnaw and damage fittings, pipes wooden products and household furniture. They may also bite telephone wires, computer cables and electrical wiring, which can lead to fire.

Rodents always stay around unsanitary environments, they have the opportunity to bring parasites like fleas, ticks and mites, or transmit diseases such as plague, dysentery and typhoid. Humans and animal may infected and sick when they crawl across, their droppings and hair polluted foods, utensils and other objects, or when they are frightened and attack or bite.

BioCycle® Rodent Management

An effective rodent management requires professional inspection, sanitation and exclusion treatment. BioCycle® ”VerminFree” rodent management service and our well trained technicians will identify areas of rodent activity and harborage areas, then we will use a variety of products and methods such as Snap Traps, BioKill® 3D Ecological Carton Rodent Trap and a variety of Anticoagulant Baits. Once we caught rodents successfully, we will apply BioKill® Safe Sanitizer to the area, to ensure hygiene.

In addition, please give our service technicians as much information about your previous sightings of rodents and/or activity as this will enable us to serve you better.

Note: In some circumstances we may be required to place bait and bait stations. Rodent bait is toxic and may harm humans and pets if eaten. We do however use tamper-proof bait stations for sensitive areas and certain locations. If you do not wish bait to be used, please let us know in advance or before treatment. An effective Rodent Management programme will require more than one service visit.

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