Company Introduction

About BioCycle®

BioCycle (Hong Kong) Ltd., Capital HK$2,500,000 established in 1991 – ISO 14001 & ISO 9001 Certified.

Provides environment technologies, services and products to the Hong Kong market. BioCycle®‘s client are major industrial and commercial companies, government, F&B outlets, manufacturers and domestic clients.

BioCycle® is the exclusive Pest Control Service in Hong Kong authorized to use BioKill® products for its services. BioCycle® is an authorized Sentricon Colony Elimination System operator.

Our Mission

We endeavor to bring about new, safe and environmentally friendly technologies and services to Asia.

We maintain high ethical business standards. We want to be a good example of how to manage natural resources, recycle waste products and care for our environment, pets and wild animals.

We plead for controlled interference in nature only as and when problems cannot be solved by natural methods. We want to conduct business that is mutually beneficial to all parties involved.

We want to know how our valued clients feel about our services and products and welcome all comments, suggestions and criticism. Our aim is to improve constantly and never become complacent.

We are competent and professional but understand that life and business is a constant learning process.

Franco Lam (Chairman) & Dorothy Lam (Vice-Chairman)

Our Philosophy

We are always on the move. We believe that learning is a constant and never ending process and we want to further progress and improve. We are not complacent and value feedback no matter whether it is negative or positive.

We want to know how we can do better. Thus we encourage our clients to share their opinion and suggestions.

Jackson Chiu (General Manager)

The Management Team​

General Manager: Mr. Jackson Chiu

Deputy General Manager: Ms. Helen Lai

Manager Technology & Entomology: Mr. Stuart Morton

Assistant F&A Manager: Mr. Wing Hung

Senior Customer Service Manager: Mr. Andy Loo

Assistant Operation Manager: Mr. Eddie Mo

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