Bedbug Free

Bedbug Free is a comprehensive and specialized treatment to eradicate bedbugs, according to its biology as explained below. The treatment is very time consuming and must be performed diligently to be effective. Typically a program will require 3-4 applications carried out in weekly intervals.

Bedbugs are active at night and live exclusively on blood. Humans are the preferred hosts, however they will feed on other mammals if necessary. Bedbugs are attracted to body heat and the carbon dioxide in expired air, which is how they find their host (you and your family members). Bedbugs commonly target the shoulders and arms (exposed skin). They are not considered harmful, however their existence can be distressing and their bites can cause discomfort and be highly irritating.

Bedbugs always hide in mattresses-particularly along the seams, bedding such as sheets and blankets, bed frames, bedside furniture, beneath loosened edges of wallpaper and paint, in cracks or crevices in wooden floors and walls, underneath carpet edges and sometime in electric socket also. Concluded that bedbugs hide in everywhere of your premises.

Our well trained technicians will inspect the areas in details, use handheld compressed air sprayer to apply specialized biocides along to create chemical barrier / killing zone along perimeter edges, and inject specialized biocides cracks & crevices to control bedbugs. They will steam the areas, especially bedbugs’ hiding place, by sophisticated steamer. Vacuuming will be carried out to collect all flushed / hid bedbugs.

During the treatment it may be necessary for you to dispose of some furniture items on our recommendation.

Prior to treatment taking place there are a number of things YOU will need to do and options to consider

  1. Remove all bed linen, pillowcases, bed covers, curtains, and sofa covers. Place them in large plastic bags and double knot. Do this in the same room where bed bugs have been found so that they are not transported to another room. Wash in hot water temperature above 50°C and dry using the hottest dry cycle available.
  2. Take the bed frame apart for inspection and treatment. You may also have to dismantle other items during the treatment so be prepared for this or have a contractor standing by.
  3. Empty closets, bedside tables and drawers for inspection and treatment. Place items in clean plastic bags and double knot the bags and wash clothing as indicated in point 1.
  4. Make the room perimeter accessible for inspection and treatment by moving items away from the walls to the center of the room.
  5. Remove pictures, clocks, posters and other wall hangings for inspection and treatment.
  6. Remove everything off the floor, especially in rooms where bed bugs are suspected.
  7. Make sure locked rooms and closets are emptied and open for inspection and treatment.
  8. Remove all pets from the area to be treated and keep them out for the duration of the treatment.

The more diligent preparation that is done, the more effective the treatment will be.

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