Common Question and Answer for our treatments

1. Do I need to carry out any preparation before the treatment?

No special preparation is needed. Please clean the floor before the treatment, pay attention to cold-blooded animals and water damaged stuffs.

2. How long do I need to be away from the area after treatment?

The treated area even DOES NOT need to be vacated after treatment because of the safe & odourless features of our BioKill® biocide. You just need to let the area dry for around an hour. 

3. Is BioKill safe for children?

Humans and warm-blooded mammals have a different metabolism to insects. Our bodies are able to degrade the active ingredient safely.

Our Biocides have been exempted by the AFCD of HKSAR Government from having to use the “POISON” label since we are in the market.

4. Is BioKill safe for and pets?

BioKill® biocide is safe to warm-blooded pets, as explained in the answer above for Q.3.

If you have small dogs, cats or small animals such as hamsters, we suggest keeping them in cage and/or remove them during treatment to avoid causing any stress with strangers being present and for 2-3 hours after to avoid any possible allergic reaction to the treatment.

BioKill biocide is extremely toxic to cold-blooded organisms. This also includes fish and reptiles. As a precaution before the treatment we advise you to turn OFF the air pump supply & filter system and cover the tank/cage with a damp cloth or waterproof nylon/plastic sheet during the spraying of Biokill®. You can remove the cloth and turn on the air pump once the treated surfaces have dried; switching on the air conditioner will speed up the drying process.

5. How can BioKill kill insects but still be safe to warm-blooded mammals?

After insects contact a treated surface, BioKill® biocide will penetrate to its nerve membranes and cause paralysis and consequently the insects will die. The effect is not instant and may take several minutes.

Please refer to the answer in Q.3 on the safety characteristics of BioKill to warm-blooded mammals.

6. Do I need to cover food and kitchen utensils during treatment?

Even though our product, Biokill® biocide is safe, we aim to carry out treatment only to targeted areas. In keeping with professional practices, we recommend to cover or remove food and kitchen utensils while the treatment is carried out.

7. What should I do after treatment? Do I need to wash everything?

There is no need to wash everything or carry out any special cleaning after application because of the safe features and killing mechanism of our unique BioKill® biocides. Simply leave the treated area to dry. 

We also advise you to clean using a vacuum for 2-3 days after treatment. This will maintain the killing effect of our Biokill® biocide on insect pests over a wider area. 

8. If the dog or cat licks the biocide, will the dog/cat be caused poisoning?

Dogs and cats are warm-blooded animals and thus Biokill® is safe to them as mentioned in the answer of Q.3. We have had in the past a case where a high pedigree cat had an allergic reaction to Biokill® biocide, however this is rather exceptional; even humans have allergic reaction to things such as strawberries, plants etc.

*Other Permethrin products may have caused some certain breeds of cats, old or unwell cats to have allergic or sickness reactions, which have far higher concentration than BioKill® Universal Insecticide (which has a dilution of 0.25%). If you have any uncertainties, please consult with your vet accordingly.

9. Why BioKill is odourless?

BioKill® biocide does not produce an unpleasant odour as some other insecticides can do. Our Biocides are water-based and use cosmetic-grade additives.

10. Why is there no guarantee given for a one or two application plan?

Most biocides / insecticides on the market are unable penetrate the insect’s egg.  Therefore if the egg hatches in an untreated area or where the biocide / insecticide has degraded or been cleaned away the infestation will continue once the egg is hatched. Therefore a guarantee cannot be offered for a one or two application plan.

We recommend having a One Year Protection Service plan because this provides for a guarantee in the contract period and is more cost effective.

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