Carpet Cleaning (For Commercial Only)

Annoying Scratching? Guests Got Bothered?

Carpet is one of the biggest capital costs in commerce. It is not only a part of the decor which provides a better working environment and more comfort for your staff, but also a vital part of your corporate image to be preserved in every guest’s mind. These take toll on carpet fibres and on the general appearance of the structure.

In addition, microscopic dust mites and fleas, as well as the growth of fungi, bacteria and mould pollute the indoor air causing allergies, asthma and respiratory problems.

Ecological Cleaning Services

Provides you ecological and safe services to eradicate those disturbances. Treatments are designed for different carpets to revive the like-new appearance.

General Cleaning

Protect your assets? Cleaning Maintenance

We provide environmentally neutral and safe treatments in favor of reducing the cleaning frequency, to prolong your asset life and at the same time reducing water use and pollution. Treatments are designed specifically for different kinds of environment, furniture, surfaces and floors and to revive the colors and like-new appearances of your valued assets.

Different types of interval cleaning, irregular cleaning and one-time jobs are available tailor-made for your personal needs. You may consider combining our cleaning service with our pest control service eradicating all problems at the same time.

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