Company Policy and Objectives

Integrated Management System Policy

As a responsible corporate citizen, BioCycle (Hong Kong) Ltd is committed to pollution prevention and continuous improvement of quality and environmental performance during our daily operations in providing pest and termite control services. BioCycle® has developed an Integrated Management System (IMS) in accordance with the ISO 14001 & ISO 9001 Standard and has implemented the following measures:

  1. To provide top quality products and services;
  2. To strive for customer satisfaction;
  3. To comply with all relevant local environmental legislation and other requirements to which the company subscribes, as a minimum performance standard;
  4. To adopt technologies, measures and attitudes in preventing or reducing environmental pollution arising from our activities;
  5. To minimize spillages and potential contamination through the careful handling, storage and disposal of materials and wastes;
  6. To reduce our waste, reuse and recycle resources whenever practical while providing high quality services to our customers;
  7. To set objectives and targets to achieve continuous improvement of the EMS and our environmental performance;
  8. To provide adequate training for staff to enhance their environmental awareness so as to minimize the impact to the environment;
  9. To respond to environmental complaints, if any, promptly and take necessary corrective and preventive actions;
  10. To encourage our contractors and suppliers to improve their environment performance; and
  11. To conduct regular management review and continuously improve BioCycle® integrated management system.

The policy will be communicated to all employees, suppliers and contractors and it will be made available to public on request.

Our Objectives

  • To pursue our goal to constantly improve our technologies, products and services and to be the best in terms of competence, professionalism, friendliness and environmental consciousness.
  •  We aim at nothing but a top position amongst service providers in Asia.
  • Our companies have invested more than US$3 million to establish the concept of safety and ecology in Hong Kong and is prepared to continue to invest.
  • We are a very unique company, offering a real alternative to traditional and toxic methods.
  • Invest and is continuing to invest constantly into new products and technologies.
Preservere and we will succeed

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