Cockroaches are common pests, very adept at survival with a strong reproductive ability. They are omnivorous which allows them to survive in humans living environment and forage on human’s or pets’ food. There are several cockroach species common to Hong Kong:

  • American Cockroach – Up to 53mm long, reddish brown except for a pale brown to yellowish band around edge of head shield.
  • Australian Cockroach – 32-35 mm in length, and range in color from reddish-brown to dark-brown. They have a yellow band on the edge of the wing starting near to the head shield.
  • German Cockroach – About 12mm in length. They are light brown to tan except for 2 dark longitudinal stripes on the head shield.
  • Brown-banded Cockroach – 10-14mm in length, tan to light brown in color, with 2 light, irregular bands across their wings.
  • Oriental Cockroach – About 32mm in length. Adults are very dark brown, nearly black with a greasy sheen.

Please contact us immediately for effective extermination when you find cockroaches or signs of cockroach infestation such as cockroach’s droppings, cast skins or egg cases in your house/office.


BioCycle Comprehensive Cockroach Treatment​

BioCycle professional team provide effective and comprehensive pest management to solve/prevent pest issues in your home/office:

Online Enquiry/Quotation – Our customer service representatives will provide quotation with details of customized pest control treatment based on clients’ pest situation, level of invasion and size of treatment areas. Treatments’ reservation will also procced once clients confirm the quotation. We will also provide interim suggestions for emergency cases.

On-site Checking/Observation –  Our technicians will observe and check the wall joints, cabinet doors, drain pipes, hardened glass glue and corners such potential cockroach breeding location according to information of pest issues from customer service representatives and clients. Formation of pest issues from customer service representatives and clients. Analyzing the cause of pest issues could provide a better angle for our technicians to apply targeted and effective treatments.

Effective Treatments – Technician team will conduct corresponding treatments based on the analysis results as spraying comprehensively with our unique safe pesticides* BioKill® first and then apply it on climbing paths and habitats of cockroaches. Cockroach baits or cockroach traps maybe also be applied depends on demand and special types of cockroaches to achieve of the goal of cockroach termination. Technicians will also advise improvements for long-term prevention when they find the other invade points and habitats out of targeted area.

Warranty – BioCycle® provides warranted Services to our clients. When you sign a Pest Management Agreement, you are assured of a guaranteed service. Whenever pests occur between the applications we will respond promptly without any further charges**.

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