Termite Prevention and Control

In Hong Kong, subterranean termite damage approaches millions of dollars a year. Protect your premises by watching for these signs of termites:

  • Swarms of winged insects around your home
  • Discarded wings near doors and windows
  • Mud tubes on outside walls or crawl spaces
  • Dirt channels emerging out from walls and wood
  • Crumbling baseboards
  • Warped and hollow sounding wooden flooring

Termite is NOT a kind of Ants?!

Termites and ants are different in terms of shape, size and destructive power. Termites have the ability to cause devastating destruction to your premises.They go and intrude anywhere – brick walls, woods, plant and etc.

Termites swarm in spring and their flights normally begin after a rainfall. They are often mistaken for flying ants. If these swarmers find their way into your premises it is important that you take action immediately. If left unchecked, they will settle and begin building a new colony. By the time you see the termites again they will have already caused significant damage.

BioCycle® Termite Treatments

All surveys are carried out by qualified technicians. On completion of a survey you will be informed if you have termites or wood boring activity in your premises or the surrounding area. You will then be sent a written report and quotation detailing our recommended treatment proposal(s). In the report we will also make recommendations on any necessary building maintenance that requires attention or any pest management treatment that may be required.

Treatments for Termite Infestations
There are several types of treatments for termite infestations:

1. Treatment of soil and building foundations by laying a chemical barrier in the ground and/or placement of special baiting stations around the perimeter.

2. Treatment of building surfaces during construction / renovation.

Prevention and Checking Services
Maintenance/ Prevention treatments are carried out 3-4 times a year depending on the location of the property and other environmental factors. The treatment costs are based on the size of area, the time required to carry out each treatment and the amount of liquid required for treatment. A quotation is provided upon request.

1. Prevention Service
BioCycle (HK) Ltd. will carry out treatment by drilling and injecting all wooden termite target areas of the property and pressure spraying of all likely termite target areas to prevent infestation. The chemicals we use are specifically selected for their low environmental impact and safety whilst maintaining a high efficacy. Should infestation occur at the treated areas we will undertake. Retreat at no charge. You are advised to report to us immediately any evidence of further activity found during the agreement period.

2. Checking Service
BioCycle (HK) Ltd. undertakes to carry out close inspection of the property for any new or renewed activity of specified insects. Any activity found during a scheduled examination or reported to BioCycle (HK) Ltd. by client during the period of the contract will be promptly inspected. If found necessary, a quotation will be submitted for treatment.

What we use for termite treatment

A Revolutionary Way to Protect Property – Sentricon® Colony Elimination System

For the first time ever, you termites can be wipe where they live.

The weapon: the innovative Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System from Dow AgroSciences. The Sentricon® System completely eliminates subterranean termite colonies, while being non-disruptive to property owners and tenants. It also provides proven, long-term protection against termite damage.

System Overview
The Sentricon® System can be installed in the ground around a structure and/or inside and takes advantage of natural termite behavior. Worker termites constantly forage far and wide, looking for wood to feed their colony. When they find food, like the monitoring device in a Sentricon® station, they leave special scent trails to summon their nest mates to the food source. The bait contains the active ingredient noviflumuron, which stops the termites’ molting process. Noviflumuron is spread throughout the colony as the termites feed on it and send their nest mates to feed on the bait.

Putting the Sentricon® System to work is a complicated process. It must be monitored regularly. It demands an advanced understanding of termite biology and behavior. That’s why the Sentricon® System is available only from a professional pest management firm with technicians trained by Dow AgroSciences and equipped with sophisticated data reporting tools to track termite activity.

Technicians receive extensive training on termite biology and behavior. They’re taught how termites forage, how termites share information with other colony members, what to look for at a feeding site, how to identify termite species and how to handle termites. Also, trained technicians know where to place the stations, when to monitor them and how to install Recruit IV or Recruit HD termite bait. These components are critical in the successful elimination of termite colonies.

Along with specialized training in the Sentricon® System, Biocycle® offers years of experience controlling termites and other household pests. What’s more, the Sentricon® System is from Dow AgroSciences, the industry leader in pest management technologies and training.

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