Mosquito Management

Mosquito Problems in Hong Kong

Mosquitoes are one of the most common pest problems in Hong Kong. Due to the rainfall levels and high humidity in summer, it provides for an ideal breeding environment for mosquitoes. They generally lay their eggs on or near the water surface and become adults within a very short period of time. Meanwhile, mosquito larvae, also known as wrigglers, can breed and develop in any object and structure where standing water can occur, e.g. nullahs, manholes, tarpaulin covers, plant pots and air conditioner drip trays.

It is only the female mosquito that bites. Adult mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide, heat and body odor emitted by humans and animals. The female needs blood to develop her eggs. Their bites not only cause itching and/or swelling but can also transmits diseases such as Malaria, Dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis and Zika virus.

Adult Mosquito

Source and Habitat Control

Elimination of breeding places in your surrounding environment is the most important part of a mosquito management plan. By altering mosquito’s habitat we can effectively reduce the number of places larvae can develop.

Larviciding and adulticiding in general are two major operations for chemical control for mosquitoes. Larviciding is the most efficient and effective way of preventing mosquitoes from becoming adults. Adulticiding is used to control developed adult mosquitoes. Use of liquid insecticides should be limited and used in a controlled manor.

Effective mosquito management comprises of three main elements: 

  1. Removal of mosquito breeding conditions such as cleaning up and removal of standing water. 
  2. Where breeding conditions can occur, to carry out treatment to stop the development of the larva. This can be achieved by using larvacides in liquid or granule form. 
  3. Effective control of adult mosquitoes through the use of insecticide application, light traps and trapping devices. Installing mosquito screens on windows and doors, and the use of mosquito nets are also effective ways to stop them entering our home or work environment.


Potential Mosquito Breeding Environment
Mosquito’s Larvae (Wiggler)

BioCycle® Mosquito Management

BioCycle® MosquitoFree Pest Management Solution provides a service covering all stages of the mosquito’s life cycle such as habitat modification, dispersal of Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs) and fogging & ULV spraying against adults.

In addition, For the home owner and estate management companies, BioCycle® conducts on-site surveys, reports and recommendations for the construction industry.

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