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Bathrooms are naturally more humid and warmer than other rooms in the premises. Some dark hidden places can become pest habitats. Here are some details you should know:

1. Drains

Flying insects can often be found inside drains due to organic waste, sediment, microorganisms, etc., residue at the drain outlets or inside the pipes. The Moth fly is a common pest that can be found breeding here.

2. False Ceiling

Some pests prefer to stay in places where it is warm, has high humidity, dark and less chance of being disturbed. The inside of the false ceiling can be an ideal breeding site for pests such as cockroaches.

3. Sealant

Mold can grow along the sealant around the bathtub or shower tray due to dampness and moisture. This can attract mold-feeding pests. In addition, moisture can accumulate inside cracks or crevices when the sealant no longer bonds wear tear. This may lead to other pest infestation issues.

4. Cabinets

Water leaks inside wash basin cabinets from drainpipes can lead to mold growth which in turn provides food for mold-eating pests. The gap between the cabinet and the wall are ideal hiding places for insect pests.

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