German Cockroaches & Brown-banded Cockroaches

Today, I went to a Tung Chung apartment to carry out treatment for cockroaches. From our previous consultation with the client, we already knew that the flat has both German and Brown-banded cockroaches.

After chatting with the client, I learned that she is busy at work, rarely does cleaning and always stacks the used plates and doesn’t wash them after use. Therefore, she didn’t notice that there were cockroach droppings and eggs inside the kitchen cabinets. In the living room, many cockroaches were found hiding behind the paintings hanging on the walls.

When different types of cockroaches appear in an apartment, we will treat them separately. We won’t apply cockroach gel (cockroach bait) and insecticide spray at the same point, as it will affect the efficacy of the gel. Also, different types of cockroaches require different treatment methods.

We explained to the client that maintaining environmental hygiene is an essential way of preventing insect infestation. If the kitchen is full of food scraps and oil stains, it creates a favorite habitat for cockroaches. Severe cockroach infestations often require several treatments to break their breeding cycles, especially where German cockroaches are concerned as their egg case contains a very large number of young and they have a fast breeding cycle. A clean environment also helps us to treat and control the insect problem.