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Brand New Service - Air Conditioner Refreshing Service

BioCycle® Safe & Ecological Air Conditioner Refreshing Service, specializes in energizing and sanitizing box units, split systems, and ceiling cassette units. After cleaning your air is fresh, reducing the chance of sickness and improving your quality of life.

Technicians use a wet flush system, which has been developed and designed by HydroKleen Australia, along with a tailor-made eco-friendly detergent to ensure your system is completely clean. Using the specially designed catchment bags, without the need for extensive plastic bag coverage which means no fuss and no mess and keeps your living and working environment clean.


National Asthma Council Australia Approved

BioCycle® Safe & Ecological Air Conditioner Refreshing Service has been designed and developed by HydroKleen Australia and is approved by the National Asthma Council of Australia. After energizing, your air conditioner is virtually free from microbial contamination leaving your air fresh and healthy. In addition, it reduces pest breeding conditions, such as dust and mold mites.

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