Commonly overlooked hiding places for insects!!

If you frequently find insects in your home but have no idea where they are hiding, here are some commonly overlooked places where they may be hiding:
1) Wooden floors or baseboards
Aging wooden floors or baseboards may develop cracks or gaps, which can accumulate dust and food debris and become an ideal hiding place for pests.
2) Balconies
Common household pests such as cockroaches can enter your home through the drainage channels of the balcony. In addition, plants, soil, and stagnant water on the balcony can also become a food source and breeding ground for pests.
3) Foldable furniture
Foldable dining tables, modular sofas, and other similar furniture often have a lot of joints. If they are not properly cleaned, food debris, residues may fall into the gaps or nearby areas, providing a food source for pests.