Mold can lead to pest outbreaks
Newsletter - FEBRUARY 2020

Mold Eating Insects

Booklice, Springtails and Fungus beetles are mold eating insects. They can develop huge populations under ideal mold growth conditions, such as during warm and humid weather.

Growth Conditions

Booklice and Fungus beetles require relatively high levels of humidity to grow. Springtails thrive where there is excessive moisture regardless of temperature. Mold eating insects are commonly found on walls in bedrooms, bathrooms and inside kitchen cabinets and sink areas, and are more prevalent during spring and summer.​

How to Prevent and Manage Mold Growth

Reduce moisture and humidity levels, together with applying a safe biocide will control the infestation, such as:

  1. Check regularly for mold and any areas that have water leakage or high humidity.
  2. Eliminate all possible food sources, mold. Repair areas where water leakage occurs.
  3. Keep indoor areas well ventilated at all the times and allow sunlight in.
  4. During times of high humidity use a dehumidifier.

In addition, we recommend using BioKill® Anti-Mite Spray, which can be sprayed onto the surface to prevent mold growth and the occurrence of mold eating insects. Besides BioCycle® BookliceFree Pest Management Solution package using our unique, safe and biodegradable, BioKill® Biocide, provides a treatment service covering all moisture related insects (Booklice, Springtails, Fungus beetles etc.)

More Information

For more information about mold eating insects, please check out our “Insects Library” or contact us.

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