Tips for Dealing with Flying Termites

Flying termites typically swarm and mate between April and September, often attracted to indoor lights. Once they shed their wings, they may settle in suitable locations to establish new termite colonies, so might not going to ignore them. Here are some low-cost methods to prevent flying termites from invading your home:

1) Turn off unnecessary lighting to reduce the attraction of flying termites to light sources.
2) Close curtains or blinds to block indoor lights from shining outside.
3) Seal off entry points by closing doors and windows to prevent flying termites from entering your home.
4) Place a basin of water under light sources to attract flying termites and drown them in the water’s reflection.

If you suspect a termite infestation, such as door frames or wooden floors have been damaged or if there are termite trails on walls, do not disturb them. Instead, immediately consult a professional pest management company to provide advice based on the situation, and solve the problem. If you have termite infestations or other pest problems, please contact us for free consultation or advice.