Watch out! Ants are coming!

Some species of ants are merely foragers. They seek food or water in a house but return to outdoor nests. However, some of them found indoors are permanent residents and establish a nest within a house. In addition, ants spoil food when they feed on it, so they can become a bit of a nuisance to us. Here are some tips to prevent an #ant_infestation.

1️⃣Repair cracks and crevices between windows and windows-sills, walls and wardrobes to close off ant pathways.
2️⃣Check stored food regularly especially which to prevent unsealed packaging.
3️⃣Don’t leave any food debris on the floor, you may need to pay close attention around furniture
4️⃣Spray preventive insecticide at home or object surfaces.

Take precautions now, and keep ant infestations far away from your home.