Annoying tiny black fly (Moth Fly) in bathroom

The Moth fly is one of the common fly problems found in the bathroom. Many clients have encountered them, including the client I met yesterday. Let me share his case and the problem he encountered.

The client requested us to spray extra insecticide in the bathroom, because there were lots of tiny black flies. The insects he described are moth flies. They are usually black in colour. The entire body and wings of the moth fly are covered with tiny hairs, giving it a moth-like appearance. 

Finding the breeding source is the key to eliminating them. Moth flies are generally found breeding in bathroom drains, sinks and shower pans, feeding on organic waste. We inspected according to their habits, and found them inside the drains. We explained to the client that there are always hairs and dead skin together with soapy water washing into the drains every day when we bath. The organic waste then accumulates inside the drains and needs to be removed regularly. Using the appropriate cleaning method to clean the drains also helps to destroy the breeding ground of moth flies. After explaining this to the client he said he will clean the drains soon.

When a client requests us to spray more insecticide, our technicians will inspect  to find the breeding source. It is an important part of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). When the breeding source of an infestation has not been resolved, the insects will keep appearing and die after contacting the insecticide and the client will continue to be annoyed by the infestation. Therefore, a clean environment always helps us to treat and control the insect problem.